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Make your home or business shine with our concrete staining services. We’re experts at turning dull concrete into eye-catching surfaces. Whether it’s inside or outside, we deliver top-notch results that impress.

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Our Concrete Staining Process

At Vertex Concrete Staining Tucson, AZ we take pride in our meticulous concrete staining process. Our process ensures durable and stunning results. We enhance the aesthetic appeal of your surfaces. Here’s an overview of how we approach concrete staining.

Surface Preparation

We clean and prepare the concrete floors to ensure optimal adhesion. It also ensures penetration of the stain.

Stain Application

We apply the chosen concrete stain using professional-grade equipment depending on the desired effect. Such as paint sprayers for uniform coverage.

Chemical Reaction

We prefer a chemical reaction with concrete to create a unique acid stain. We apply vibrant colors that penetrate the surface. We have many flooring options.


We apply a high-quality concrete sealer once the stain has achieved the desired color. It will protect the surface from wear and tear, UV damage, and stains.

Why Choose Vertex Concrete Staining Tucson, AZ?

Do you want a company that combines expertise, quality products, and exceptional service? Here’s Vertex Concrete Staining Tucson, AZ, stands out


Our team comprises experienced professionals who understand the intricacies of staining concrete. We can achieve stunning results on durable interior and exterior floor surfaces. We choose quality materials for construction projects. Our team chose a high-quality range of stains for concrete projects.

Wide Range of Stain Options

We offer a comprehensive selection of concrete finish and staining options. These options include acid stain, water-based stain, reactive stain, non-reactive stain, and acetone stain. Also, there are solvent-based stains, dye stains, penetrating stains, translucent stains, and opaque stains. This ensures you can find the perfect solution to match your design vision.

Attention to Detail

From surface preparation to the final sealing, we pay attention to every detail. We ensure a flawless finish that exceeds your expectations.

Types of Concrete Stains We Offer In Tucson

Choosing the right concrete stain is essential. It is crucial to achieve the desired look and durability. Here are the types of stains we offer at Concrete Staining Tucson

Acid Stain

Creates rich, variegated colors through a chemical reaction with the concrete surface.

Water-based Stain

It provides a wide range of colours and is ideal for interior applications due to its low odour and easy cleanup.

Reactive Stain 

Produces natural-looking, mottled effects by reacting with minerals in the concrete.

Non-reactive Stain 

Offers consistent color options and is ideal for achieving uniform finishes.

Acetone Stain

 Fast-drying and penetrates the concrete for vibrant colors.

Solvent-based Stain 

Offers intense colors and excellent durability, suitable for exterior applications.

Dye Stain 

Provides vibrant and consistent colors with excellent UV resistance.

Penetrating Stain 

Absorbs into the concrete for long-lasting color enhancement.

Translucent Stain

It allows the natural texture and variations of the concrete to show through.

Opaque Stain

It offers solid color coverage, ideal for hiding imperfections in the concrete surface.

Interior Concrete Staining Tucson

Enhance the beauty of your interior spaces with our professional concrete finishing and staining services. Whether you want to revitalize concrete countertops, floors, concrete patios, or walls, we have expertise in all. We have products to bring your vision to life. Our interior staining options include acid, water-based, and more, providing endless design possibilities.

Tucson Exterior Concrete Finishing and Staining

Transform your outdoor areas with our durable and weather-resistant exterior concrete staining solutions. From patios and concrete driveways to walkways and pool decks, we offer a range of stains. We have all flooring types of stains. These can withstand harsh weather while enhancing the appearance of your outdoor spaces.

Meet Your Concrete Staining Specialists Tucson

At Concrete Staining Tucson, we’re more than concrete, ceramic tile floors and staining company. We’re your partners in achieving beautiful and long-lasting results with finished floor. Our specialists deliver exceptional service and exceed your expectations at every step. With our expertise, you can trust us to bring your concrete staining project to life.

The cost of staining concrete per square foot varies depending on factors, which include the type of stain, surface area, and preparation required. Contact us for a personalized quote.

The time it takes to complete a concrete overlay staining project depends on factors, which are surface preparation, drying times, and sealing. We strive to complete projects, i.e., garage floors, without compromising quality.

Old concrete flooring is stained to give it a fresh new look. Our team will assess the condition of your concrete. We recommend the best staining solution.

We offer professional concrete staining services. Our concrete specialist can provide guidance and products for DIY enthusiasts looking to tackle their staining projects.

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