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Why Choose Vertex Concrete Flooring Tucson AZ for Concrete Floors?

We provide a wide range of Concrete Floor Installation. From Stained Concrete Floors Tucson to Polished Concrete Floors Tucson, we provide all. 

  • We are an accessible platform to decorate your Outdoor Patio Flooring over Concrete. 
  • Our company stands on top among other Concrete Flooring Companies in Tucson. Because we provide a cheap Flooring basement as compared to others.
  • We provide the best Flooring for uneven floors. That’s you can choose us if you are thinking about furnishing your home.
  • Besides decorative materials and products, you can find concrete floor repair Tucson services. So, get ready for Polish outdoor flooring.

Commercial Concrete Flooring Tucson:

We are an ideal company for Concrete Commercial Flooring.The search for the perfect Stained Concrete Floors Tucson is over. We use refined Concrete slabs for commercial foundations. For commercial flooring, there is a need for heavy material. When it comes to high-profile reception areas, offices, salons, restaurants, and retail buildings, our proprietary resurfacing process is the way to go. This includes stamping, staining, or polished concrete floors over existing concrete. 

We have years of experience in this field and specialise in commercial concrete flooring, especially in areas where durability, low maintenance, and easy care are paramount. Customization is also available in addition to a wide range of colours, coatings, and designs to complement your existing branding assets.

Residential Concrete Flooring Tucson

Concrete Flooring is a perfect solution for your residential places. These concrete floors are not only durable but keep your residential space warm. Concrete floors are the best alternative for traditional floors which give an elegant look to your home. So, contact us for residential flooring immediately.

Types of Concrete Flooring Tucson

Indoor Concrete Flooring

Commercial and residential buildings alike may have indoor concrete flooring. Indoor concrete flooring solutions are our forte as a leading Tucson concrete manufacturer. Whether you want concrete basement floor or gym flooring for basement, we deal in all. Our experts will suggest the best solution according to your space.

Colored Finish Flooring

Integral colourants, acid stains, and dyes are a few of the colouring processes that allow us to generate a rainbow of hues. They give a proper finish flooring to match any design plan. To ensure that our coloured finish floors are a great fit, our staff collaborates with them. We get a thorough understanding of their concept.

Polished Finish Flooring

Get a glossy look of your bedroom with our polished finish flooring. We deal in different glossy polishes which give an elegant look to your floor. These polishes are suitable for interior floor designs. Our specialist ensures the fine look of floors. Moreover, these polishes are meant to enhance the whole floor design of the room.

Epoxy Flooring

It is a new trend to get epoxy flooring for indoor spaces. It is going to the most popular and trendy floors because of high durability. Epoxy floors are solid color floors suitable for your kitchen. They are resistant to all weather conditions. Get long lasting epoxy flooring with us at vertex Concrete Flooring Tucson AZ.

Stained Concrete Flooring

Install stained concrete flooring with us. Our experts give you a wide range of options. There are different colours for options that you can choose for your both interior and exterior concrete floor. We deal in high-quality stained concrete materials. This is the reason that people trust us and propose positive reviews for us. 

Vinyl Flooring

Whether you install this for residential or commercial space, it is perfect. It fits your space and is a modern trend to get flooring. No more tiles for your floor! Get an appointment with our experts for vinyl flooring. There is a range of colours available for vinyl flooring. We use glue for Harwood floors. The glue for vinyl flooring is of high quality. Because the sole purpose is to get proper stickiness.

Troweled Flooring

One alternative that provides both practicality and style is trowel-applied flooring. It is another name for troweled flooring. To create flat, smooth surfaces that may have a variety of textures and finishes applied to them. Our skilled team uses troweling methods to spread thin layers of epoxy over preexisting substrates. We are experts in providing Tucson residents. Business owners with high-quality troweled flooring options tailored to their tastes and requirements. 

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